Mercedes-Benz accident repair.

For perfect repairs to your Mercedes – even in complicated cases.

You can trust our long-standing expertise in accident repairs:Our specialists are familiar with every last detail of your Mercedes – and will carry out the accident repairs with the utmost care. To maintain the value of your vehicle. And above all your safety.

Your safety is our first priority.

Your safety and that of your passengers is the most important criterion during Mercedes-Benz accident repairs. Our specialists will choose repair solutions that follow this principle. One of the major goals of Mercedes-Benz accident repair is therefore to identify and remedy any accident damage to the complex system of electronic circuits and safety features. The same applies to the stability of your Mercedes.

Genuine remanufactured parts and tools.

You can rest assured that our experts will install Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts during a Mercedes-Benz accident repair. The tools used also meet the most stringent quality standards, and are precisely designed for the requirements of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Accordingly, certain special tools are exclusively reserved for accident repairs to individual Mercedes-Benz model series.